Ethical Gold?

Is gold forming a moral compass?  Not exactly, however, gold practices in recent years have become more ethical.  It is common today for gold to be sustainably mined and ethically sourced.  There is even a movement for environmentally and socially conscious gold extraction, refinement, and minting.  Such measures include habitat restoration, carbon-neutral production practices, fair-trade gold, conflict-free gold, and child labor-free gold.  At Gold Merchant, it is our mission to bring pure gold bullion that holds a high standard of ethical and environmental stewardship.  If it comes to our attention that any gold is sourced in a manner that violates our high ethical and environmental standards, we will remove the gold bullion offerings from that particular mint until guarantees are in place that these issues have been resolved to align with our mission.  Unlike many other gold providers, Gold Merchant will never feature gold bullion from discredited mints or secondary-market conflict sourced gold.  One recent example involved a gold mint found guilty of refining conflict gold with multiple money-laundering violations.  This unethical gold is still “on sale” and promoted by most other gold dealers.  Another recent example was the case where a national mint was found funding terrorist fighters in a regional conflict and laundering opiate drug money into currency to be dealt back in gold bullion to these illicit cartels.  Again, this same gold continues to be offered for sale by most other gold dealers.  Whether you are a conscious consumer or managing a socially responsible investment fund, you can be assured that all the gold from Gold Merchant is pure and ethical. takes pride in offering only gold bullion bars and coins that are pure and ethical. At, only the most trusted, newly minted, uncirculated, pure gold bullion bars with assay card certification are featured.  Whether purchasing pure gold bullion for gifts, collections, or investment purposes, offers a variety of pure gold bullion to fit every budget, purpose, and occasion.  Welcome to where purity, integrity, and authenticity are the new gold standard.